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Maroon Academy

Being a pioneer of beauty Industry, the academy is Maroons's initiative to train people properly sothat they can become successful professionals in beauty industry and earn high salary or can start therir own beauty services.

Beauty & Wellness Sector in India

The health, beauty and wellness Industry in India is now at an all-time high, twice as fast as that of the US and European markets. The urban salon market in India is small by international standards but it is growing at a rapid pace. A KPMG Wellness Sector report released in April this year projected that the size of India’s beauty and wellness market would nearly double to Rs 80,370 cr by 2017-18 from Rs 41,224 cr in 2012-13. This is very optimistic indeed. A huge problem faced by the industry is the lack of quality manpower. The demand supply gap of trained staff is a real challenge.

Scope of Employment

  • Employment in Beauty sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%, with 23% in organized and 15% in unorganized segments
  • With shift in focus towards quality of service, the industry has been looking to hire skilled labor to sustain growth
  • Beauty products and counter sales sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%, with 24% in organized and 17% in unorganized sector
  • Rejuvenation is expected to have the largest growth at 30 CAGR with 34% in organized and 27% in unorganized sector
maroon academy
maroon academy

Hair Stylist

Does beautiful Hair make you grow crazy ? Then style a person’s hair, be a Hair Stylist. If hair cutting is a art , then colouring is your masterpiece and chemical treatments will give you the chance to transform a person’s complete look. Think of a career of a hair culture.

Beauty Therapist

You can shape your creativity and passion for beauty into a career of a beautician. A beauty therapist generally works in the commercial sector, offering specialist services, treatments and advice for the skin, body care, massage and make-up of individual clients.


If you are a perfectionist about skin and beauty you should choose to being a Cosmetologist. Cosmetologists provide beauty services that include caring for the condition of hair, skin, nails and grooming.

Hair & Beauty Stylist

Getting better skill in hair and beauty both will take you to the highest pick of your career. Beauty industry needs skilled proffesionals to make the world more beautiful.

Makeup Artist

Your passion for beauty and colours can lead you to be a true makeup artist. You just need to be polished.